How We Work :


Once we receive your product specification such as - sketch, design & measurement, fabric construction & color, or even reference sample we will discuss the options and procedure. An initial costing can be given, inform timing and other factors if any.

Design Developments

We develops prototype patterns and samples, approval samples and patterns, grading to all requisite size ranges and size sets, issues production markers ensuring most judicial use of fabrics keeping in mind all technicalities of fabric to produce most desirable garments.

Sample Making

Upon acceptance of initial price we develop the samples from our sample section according to the required design/samples with available fabrics. This sample will be evaluated by the Buyer to examine the design, measurement and workmanship.

Factory Sourcing

We have own kint Garments Manufacturing unti Associated some kint, Woven, Sweater, jeans, Towel, Hats & Cap Factories located in Dhaka, Gazipur, Saver, Ashulia, Narayangonj & Chattogram Area. We have pre-allocated production space in all our factories and hence it’s easy for us to execute all our orders on time. On the spot presence of our technical and quality assurance team ensures smooth running of orders and achieve right quality in first me, to avoid last moment surprises.

Production Control

With experienced and skilled on-site quality control teams, we are able to provide our partners with the visibility and control needed to measure the progress and quality of each order. Every detail is taken care of.

Quality Control

We have experienced technicians who monitor and control the quality at factories and discuss with customers the technical developments and opportunities for gaining optimal efficacy. We ensure that all necessary tests of materials are done on time with reputable test institutes or with in.

Minimum Order Qty (MOQ)

Most of the styles, we need minimum quantity, which is different according to different styles and negotiable always.

Lead Time

As our production facilities are totally vertical operations, this enables us to maximize business opportunities with our customers, for example we can offer on local sourced fabrics lead times from 45 to 55 days after approvals which is paramount in servicing the high street retail sectors. For production using imported fabric the lead times can vary from 90 to 120 days depending on the fabric.

Beginning of Order Execution

Once the L/C is received in our bank we purchase the required fabric or yarn and make required sample (counter, size set and PP) for approval from customer. This sample will be exact to customer specifications in design and fabric. Upon approval we will start manufacturing the product.

Order Execution

We closely monitor the orders at all stages from sampling to shipment. This includes critical path information which highlights the progress of the order from placement through shipment arrival. The process is seamless, requiring no special attention from customer side until the goods arrive at agreed destination.

Final Inspection

The consignment is finally checked, packed under close supervision of our QA team according to AQL Standard. We are looking forward to hearing your favorable response. In the mean time if you need any more information please feel free to Contact us.