TEXIMCO (BD) LTD. is growing into one of the reputed and well established Export oriented garments Manufacturer, Exporter, Buying & Sourcing Company situated in Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

We are exporting various commodities overall the world and are pleased to forward herewith the comprehensive list of products/items exported by our company. Our entire operations are performed by experienced staffs with their utmost dedication where customer's satisfaction is guaranteed. We are strict to our commitment. Quality, quantity and in time service are always maintained by us. 

With our complete effort and understanding the core concepts of this industry we have successfully established ourselves as the supplier among a number of companies. We have been successfully delivering them quality garments at a competitive price. 

Working with a foremost company like you, will give a new value to our business. To make ourselves fit in the world market we have already extended our experienced workforce and latest equipment. We deliberately focused on quality ensured garments at competitive price. 

Main Seaport and the Airport of Bangladesh are easily accessible from Dhaka & Chittagong where clearing and forwarding is simple and quick. Tariff barriers, bureaucratic involvement and any kind of manufacturing controls are much less here, which enable us to serve our customers with the minimum of lead time. 

We take this opportunity to invite you to visit and see our facilities in Bangladesh, talk to us of our vision and learn more of us through discussion, direct Trade and Bank references.


Our Product Category at a glance : 

  1. Sweater, Pullover, cardigan & Vest: 3, 5, 7, 10 & 12 Gauge made of: Acrylic, Cotton, Cotton/Acrylic, Acrylic/Wool, Cotton Like, Cashmere like, Acrylic smiling, Acrylic Mohair like (Tamu), Cotton/Nylon, Acrylic Slub, Tube, Tape, Roving, Viscose/Nylon, Piece dye & more basic blended local & imported yarns for Men’s Women’s & Children’s.
  2. Denim & Non-Denim/ Woven: Pants, Shorts, Cargo, Jacket, Dress pant, Shirt (Casual & Formal) & others Top-Bottom Items Made of Local & Imported fabrics for Men’s, Women’s & Children’s.
  3. Knit: T-shirt, Polo shirt, Tang Top, vest, Fleece jacket, Hoodie Legging, sportswear, Underwear/Bra/Panty for Men’s Women’s & Children’s product made of Local & Imported fabrics.
  4. Home Textiles: Terry Towel, Bed sheet & cover Etc.